A garage conversion will certainly require Building Control consent.


Before you undertake the garage conversion, Building Control will need to be informed, as the intention to change the garage into a habitual living space, will need to comply with Building Regulations.


Don't worry, we can take care of this for you and advise you every step of the way.



What is Building Control?


Building Control is a service provided by Building Inspectors. They are either a company or individual authorised under the Building Act 1984 to oversee new construction, conversions, alterations and extensions comply with current ‘Building Regulations’.



Let us take care of the paperwork.


AEC Building Services can engage on your behalf a Building Control Inspector to oversee the conversion of your garage into a habitual living space.


Liaise and arrange appointments with the Building Control Inspector and take care of the necessary paperwork for you.


Then, on satisfactory completion of the garage conversion, issue you with a Completion Certificate supplied by the Building Control Inspector.


We always prefer to work with local Building Control services to keep fees to a minimum and to choose one that is best suited to your project. Being local, they will have extensive local knowledge and AEC Building Services has an excellent working relationship with them too.



What is a Completion Certificate?


The Completion Certificate verifies that any building work subject to ‘Building Regulations’ has been completed to a satisfactory standard and inspected by an independent and impartial approved Building Control Inspector or Officer. The Completion Certificate is an important document and should be kept in a safe place with your household documents.


Further guidance and information can be found on the Planning Portal link below.