Decide what you want to convert the garage into, a home office or extra bedroom for instance. Consider whether you require either a full or part conversion. See our ‘types of garage conversions' guide for further guidance.


Contact your local council’s planning department and ask them if you need planning permission. They will reply usually advising a planning application is not required.


Check to see if you have a restrictive covenant on your title deeds. This usually only concerns you if you live in a new housing development less than ten years old. See 'Legal stuff'.


Contact AEC Building Services to arrange an appointment.


Tim Smith – proprietor of AEC Building Services will visit you and discuss your needs, answer any questions and take a few measurements.


Within seven days, we will provide you with a free written quotation without any obligation.


Upon choosing AEC Building Services to undertake your garage conversion. Please contact us to arrange a convenient time and date to start the works.


We will arrive on-site and the process of converting your garage begins.